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    Hey guys, I make a few Youtube videos once in a while but I don't make nearly as much as I'd like. The reason is simply because I don't feel like recording then rewinding and importing. The current camera I have is just a few years old but it feels like an antique to me. I have been looking at the Flip UltraHD and I like it because it shoots in HD (I am sick of the dull colors and quality my current camera shoots), its small and its so easy to get what you want, to the computer. However, things like shakiness and the fact that its not a serious camera turn me off from it. The thing is a normal HD video camera with an HDD is a couple hundred bucks. I am not looking for anything over $250. I also kind of want something portable because I'm not uber serious with filming so it would be nice. I keep thinking the UltraHD would be what I'm looking for but then I see that it records in MP4 and I use Windows Movie maker. So I was looking around, I found the Vado HD and it records in AVI. I saw this comparison of the both of them and even tho this is youtube, and he didn't seem to take the same shots very well, the Vado seemed to be crisper video-wise, and all the other specs seem to be the same. The price is way better than the Flip but the only bad thing is the audio. I was loving the Flip because it had really ncie audio, but the Vado seems to have quite poor audio quality when compared with the Flip.

    So Guys, idk what to do. If anyone whos reading has either the Flip UltraHD or the Vado or any other type of camera, please tell me what you think. I just don't know what to get.

    Edit: Damn, I liked the fact that the Vado filmed in .avi format but I just realized that my PC only recognizes avi as audio files. It only seems them as Video files if it imported them from a video camera. So I doubt it will recognize the avi from a Vado. If thats the case I'll have to convert it to WMV and if I have to do that, mind as well get and UltraHD because I'd have to convert anyway. idk Otherwise does anyone know if windows 7 recognizes avi in movie maker? Because i know that it works in Windows XP and that it was just a flaw in Vista, possibly only in 64 bit.
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    I'd go for the Flip. If it wren't for the bad audio, I'd choose the Vado though.