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    Jun 25, 2020
    Sooo I really need your help, this is my first post as I just discovered this forum. A few hours ago I found my old DSi and started playing some ROMS from my R4 that I purchased many years ago (as the title says, its a R4 SDHC 3DS/DSi Dual Core, and its white), and I decided to set my Internet for the DSi and idk why I forgot and made the HUGE mistake of updating my DS software (from 1.4.4U to 1.4.5U) , I really didnt remember it was highly stupid to update until I tried to play again with my R4 and appeared a black screen with the message: "an error has occurred. hold down the power button".
    So Ive been searching for any help to this problem but Im having a hard time searching for the right firmware (idk if it exists for the 1.4.5U version or if my R4 its a clone)
    Any help/feedback would be highly appreciated ,
    I cant post any pics so I will try to describe the flashcard the best I can: Its a white cartridge, a gray sticker on the front that says "R4 SDHC 3DS/DSi Dual Core and the website at the bottom "r4isdhc dot com" (I already went to that website and couldnt find anything), at the back of the cartridge it says SDHC, and when read by the DSi it says Spongebobs Atlantis Squarepantis THQ
    Thanks! (and sorry for any mistakes with my english)
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    U n3ed to cfw then downgrade your dsi
  3. KleinesSinchen

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    Mar 28, 2018
    Oh my… downgrade a DSi? No.

    For the record: Never update a DSi unless you want to redownload purchased software from the shop. The pretty much only thing DSi updates do is blocking flashcarts and some exploits. [DSiBrew] System Menu

    Normally I would just have said: Install unlaunch. This should unblock the flashcart. Since this discussion I'm not fully sure about this. Keep in mind that installing unlaunch seems to carry a brick risk (although the majority of problems came from uninstalling). Think about this before installing unlaunch. Don't install and say: "Ugly picture, no music and sound in Launcher… want to get rid of this!"

    • Use https://dsi.cfw.guide/ in order to get TWiLight Menu++ started from Memory Pit exploit and try booting your flashcart from TWL++
      • This has no risks for either the DSi or the flashcart. All modifications are on SD only.
      • TWL++ is a good replacement for the flashcart anyway.
    • Use https://dsi.cfw.guide/ and install unlaunch (now an optional step). This should unblock the flashcart in normal Launcher (System Menu)
      • Please read the thread I linked above before deciding.
    • Search for a firmware update of your flashcart and install it with any DS system that will boot the cart in it's current state.
      • Some flashcarts have bricked on firmware update attempt.
      • Some flashcarts were not able to bypass the extended checks in DSi firmware 1.4.5 so no firmware update exists.
    Good luck and have fun!
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