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Discussion in 'GBA - Emulation' started by stab244, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Okay, so anyways, I used to have a GS, but that broke so right now most of my games are unplayable due to my hacking. So now I found a GBA Backup Tool and backed up the game and the save. However when I use NO$GBA to hack the games back to normal, the save files are too small for the Backup Tool to install them back in. So does anyone have any links to an emulator that has really good cheat support and a bunch of save file types to choose from. If it helps I need to hack Pokemon Ruby(stuck inside the black area), MMBN 3 Blue (just to make the game easier on me after I beat Bass GS), and Final Fantasy 5 Advance (I somehow lost the airship and I need it to go on).

    If there are no other emulators, is there a slot-1 homebrew that can function like a Action Replay to slot-2 games?

    P.S. Don't suggest VBA since the cheat system on it won't work for me.
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    1. You should be able to pad the save back to size (open it up in a hex editor and see what the last few sections of the file are and repeat that on the emulator changed file.) I am fairly sure there are a couple of tools to do it (made for the EZ 3 in 1).

    2. VBA cheats are OK but the real cheating gets done on the likes of VBA-SDL-H and the like:
    See also

    3. DS slot GBA cheats, not going to happen unless someone makes a hypervisor. Far more work than it is worth when expansion packs are that cheap.

    Oh and I am fairly sure I have seen fast level codes for each of those games.
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