NDSTokyoTrim 0.75 released

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    NDSTokyoTrim 0.75 released
    Advanced NDS ROM trimmer
    GBAtemp member BrianTokyo has released version 0.75 of his advanced and popular NDS ROM trimming application - NDSTokyoTrim. New features in this version include; batch processing, recursive folder scanning, Wi-Fi detection and more. Download and change-log below![title: NDSTokyoTrim 0.75]Version 0.75 -October 26, 2007 (26/10/07)

    A rom trimmer for Nintendo DS(NDS/GBA)

    - Batch processing
    - Recursive folder scanning
    - Auto detection for Wifi games
    - Auto detection of already trimmed games
    - Auto fix of incorrect trimming from other trimmers
    - Extremely fast
    - No install required. No .NET. It works from Windows 2k to Vista.
    - Trims NDS and GBA roms
    - RAR/ZIP/7zip support
    - DLL files for RAR/7z support are loaded straight into memory, so you won't see the dll files extracted to disk anymore

    It works for all the currently known cards for DS:
    - R4
    - M3
    - CycloDS Evo
    - G6 etc..

    WHAT’S NEW IN 0.75:

    - 7zip support
    - GBA roms trimming added (not throughly tested)
    - automatically check for new versions
    - lots of improvements and small fixes in the output location and file search routines
    - auto detetion and fix for improper trims from other applications
    - very basic brick checker (theorical and untested)
    - sligthly faster
    - NDS roms header info (select an uncompressed NDS rom and right click or click the chip button)

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Official discussion thread
    [​IMG] Official site
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