NDStation v1.1

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    NDStation v1.1

    EZ-Flash 3in1 Flasher tool

    chuckstudios has released NDStation v1.1. This is an alternative EZ-Flash 3in1 flashing tool for DLDI supported slot-1 flash kits. This version includes support for PSRAM loading and custom borders. A GUI for compiling is also included.
    [title:readme.txt for NDStation v1.1]----------------------

    NDStation v1.1 |


    July 20, 2007 |


    NDStation is a flasher for the EZFlash 3-in-1 Expansion Pack

    which allows you to package a ROM within a .NDS file and therefore

    run it from your Slot 1 flash card's main menu. Its purpose

    is to make things feel more integrated and unified on your flash card.


    Notes: |


    Wow, version 1.1 already. This one has PSRAM loading for ROMs

    smaller than 16MB, thanks to a great code snippet by cory1492,

    and support for a custom borders! Borders have a weird graphical

    error, but only the first time the NDS is run. I have no idea why.

    Also now included is a Linux and Mac GUI written by dg10050.

    The installer is located at:


    And the readme is available here:


    Bugfixes are a small graphical hiccup in the GUI and an error

    in compilations caused by some cheap hacks I used, also in the GUI.

    An important note about mixing PSRAM and NOR ROMs:

    * * If you run a NOR ROM, then use a PSRAM ROM, your NOR ROM's

    * * save will no longer be present on the 3-in-1. To get it

    * * back you must run the NOR ROM's flasher again.

    The next release should be able to detect if a NOR ROM is

    already flashed and simply restore the save. Also, border

    support will be implemented soon. Future plans include

    compression, something no other 3-in-1 flasher has!


    Usage: |


    To use NDStation, run the NDStation.exe included in this package.

    Some of the functions are self-explanatory, such as choosing the

    GBA ROM image you wish to use and where you want it to be copied.

    "Game title" defines the embedded title in the ROM. The first line is

    automatically set to the basename of the ROM chosen, although it can

    easily be changed. "Use PSRAM" allows for faster loading for ROMs

    smaller than 16MB.

    Clicking "Customize the NDS" will open a menu where you can change

    the icon for the NDS file and choose a custom border. "Preview NDS"

    gives you a rough idea of how the NDS will appear on R4DS's menu.

    "Go..." builds your .NDS file, and is finished when a message box pops

    up and says "Complete!" Don't forget to DLDI patch the NDS for your card.


    Thanks: |


    cory1492 - My flashing code is based on GBAldr.

    Noda - For the EFS library that made this possible.

    olimar - Pointed me to FWNitro for GBA booting code.

    dg10050 - Came up with the name, since it is a lot like POPS

    on the PSP (working title was EFSgba).

    Also made the Linux and Mac GUI for me, since

    I can't seem to leave Windows.

    ZiNgA BuRgA - The GUI is based off of Simple Popstation GUI 2 beta,

    http://dpgdownloads.com/ndstation/gui.png for proof.
    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source

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    You might want to convert the
    s into new lines. I did it for you:

    - Sam
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    OOo...PSRAM. this program can now really be handy. im guessing the save system is still the same?
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    Now some ppl with skills that will make some nice GBA game icons for the most popular GBA games [​IMG]
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    What about the possibility for batch NDS creation?
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    I Cant try this yet (Waiting for my 3in1) but can you trim before you create the NDS file?

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    Could somebody help me a bit with this? What do I patch the GBA game with before I patch it with this?

    - Sam
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    Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but can someone direct me to the "Mac GUI" that the readme refers to?
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    W00t. v1.2 is out.