NDS & Wii Titles Of The Week - September 22nd

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    NDS & Wii Titles Of The Week - September 22nd
    By Podcast Member Hadrian
    GBAtemp Podcast member, Hadrian, has written up a list of the Nintendo DS and Wii titles you can expect to see all this week (September 22nd).
    Check out the thread and see what all you've got to look forward to this week. He includes a lot of nice information about the titles, screenshots, and videos too!
    Feel free to check the thread out below, and don't forget to throw your two cents into the discussion.
    Thanks once again, Hadrian.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Nintendo DS Titles:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Wii Titles:
    • DropCast (North America)
    • Kirby Super Star Ultra (North America)
    • SimCity Creator (North America)
    • Disgaea DS (Europe)
    • LEGO Batman (North America)
    • Time Hollow (North America)
    • Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (North America)
    • Shaun The Sheep (North America)
    • Knights in the Nightmare (Japan)
    • Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (Europe)
    • World Destruction: Michibi Kareshi Ishi (Japan)
    • Pipe Mania (Europe)
      • de Blob (North America)
      • Wario Land: Shake It! (North America)
      • SimCity Creator (North America)
      • LEGO Batman (North America)
      • Battle Rage: The Robot Wars (North America)
      • Brothers in Arms: Double Time (North America)
      • Samba de Amigo (North America)
      • Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked (North America)
      • Soul Eater: Monotone Princess (Japan)
      • Disaster: Day of Crisis (Japan)
      • Family Trainer (Europe)
      • Pipe Mania (Europe)

        [​IMG] NDS & Wii Titles Expected This Week