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    Mar 12, 2008
    - Introduction

    hi, this week my DS has been buzzing with tennis fever following the release of sega superstar tennis.

    - Gameplay (5/10)

    The gameplay didnt overly impress me, the controls are simple, move with the D-pad push A for a weak shot - B for a power shot and L or R to use your superstar move - thats it OR you can use the stylus, but i found this a bit tricky. there are 16 characters - but you only have 8 at the start! sega fans will notice all the iconic characters but non-sega fans may soon learn that there is alot more to sega than sonic! that being said i found sonic as the best character to start with - nights is ok but the others are just normal characters - Yes they are still good but in a doubles match, I found sonic and nights to be the best combination

    complete character list:

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Personally i found singles matches the easiest as doubles matches just semm to get annoying as it seems like your partner is lacking in the brain department, they just keep getting in the way! the game is also lacking in wi-fi lowering the gameplay score to 5/10

    - Graphics (8/10)

    the graphics are this games strong points - beautifully illustrated characters and stages really set the feeling for your game, - you can easily recognise which location is which and who is who. the superstar moves are illustrated in the right way and are easily recognisable as to what they represent . i give the graphics 8/10

    - Sound (7/10)

    the sound is another strong point the characters are voiced well and the music is perfect, the actual sound effects of ball hitting racket, ball bouncing ect, are all lifelike and fit in with the game perfectly. the music for me works on most locations although is fairly repetitive. I would have liked some more music from the actual original games but I will have to make do with what i have. the sound gets rated 7/10

    - Lasting Replay (4/10)

    ah, we have hit a snag, the game is fun but thats all it is, fun, you won't want replay it for long - although that being said when you do get into game you get addicted, but unless you like tennis or are a mad sega fan you won't get addicted in the first place, the added mini games are ok though but are fairly repetitive.
    Personally i replayed the table tennis mode on mario .v. sonic more. ( 4/10)

    - Overall

    overall the game didnt match MY tastes but people who like this sort of thing will probably love it.
    anyway, onto the score, here are what it has already earnt

    Lasting Replay (4/10)
    sound (7/10)
    gameplay (5/10)
    graphics (8/10)

    adding all these up and adding a few more this game gets: (32/50)
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