NDS Roms = White/Blank Screen

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by jk_k8c1u4d, Jul 30, 2007.

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    Jul 29, 2007
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    I recently got the following:

    - SuperCard Lite w/ SuperKey
    - 2GB Kingston MicroSD Card (does the country it was made in matter?)

    I downloaded the necessary software from the SuperCard website (yes, I downloaded the proper Lite package) which is "SuperCard Lite (Micro SD)V2.60 & Firmware V1.8". At first I kept the default settings of the SC patcher and "out-ed" the .zip files of the NDS roms. After that, I transferred them (each one resulting with two distinct files) to my MicroSD. However, of the 22 games that I patched only 5 of them work.

    These are the ones that work:
    - New Super Mario Bros.
    - Animal Crossing
    - Tetris DS
    - Mario Kart DS
    - Yoshi's Island

    The rest of them (the Castlevanias, Mario 64, Advance Wars, Elite Beat Agents, and so on O.o) give me a white screen after they load (yes, I do see the Supercard menu clearly and I choose the game, it loads, and boom! WHITE). I then checked out the Supercard Compatibility List (http://www.dualscene.net/lists/index.php?listname=Supercard) and put the settings for each and every rom. No difference between the 1st and 2nd try. Can anyone help me, this is extremely frustrating.

    *** P.S. - The GBA roms seem to work perfectly with the exception of a few lags here and there. There are also a couple that also give me a white screen just as the NDS roms, which my friend tells me is a corrupt ROM (if not, any solutions?)
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    Did you get the latest patch database update? That's at the top of the list here:


    Unzip it (or...un-rar it, as the case may be) and drop it in the patcher program install path, overwriting the old one. See if that helps when you patch the games.
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    batch patch for the game always white screen, try one by one

    also, if u prepare to patch the rom with zip, remember only one .nds file inside the zip, del the nfo,jpg etc....