NDS PICROSS (20121107) from MeRAMAN

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    Project homepage (Click on the little attachment symbol followed by "NDS_PICROSS_20121107.nds" to download.)
    Author homepage
    Filetrip download

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    I played it but I have difficulty with some of the used colors, they are hard to see and differentiate.
    There's a way to switch the hint's color outline, but I still have difficulty.

    The game itself is great and well done. I like the fact it's using the network to get new puzzle. There are not a lot of them, but maybe users will contribute.

    On a side note, I tested his other homebrew (Shisensho), which have internet connectivity too and is mainly used for highscore, but it's all faked and cheated, too bad :(

    And I don't know how to play KoiKoi so I always lost :P
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    I love Picross and I would play it if I just could use my flashcard.
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