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    Sep 20, 2005
    Has anyone tried the Linkage function on G6 GManager 4 & Gloader4?
    I've tried both Castlevania DS and Advanced Wars DS. It didn't seem to work. No Rare Ring on NewGame in Castlevania and no New Maps to buy in Advanced Wars.

    These are suppose to work with loader 3.22, but I tried them on Loader 4.0 and got nothing so out if.
    If anyone tried them successfuly on loader 3.22, can you confirm to see if they also work on loader 4.0?

    Castlevania DS: Dawn of Sorrow
    link with
    Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA)
    - Start with the Rare Ring
    - Unlock Mina Doll dancing in background of Yoko's Shop

    1. Copy both NDS and GBA linkage games into G6 by using the G6 U-Disk manager.
    2. Select the GBA game inside the "Game" icon of the G6 NDS main menu.
    3. Press "X" button to load the GBA game into the G6 memory first.
    4. Select and Run the NDS game as usual inside the "NDS Game" icon of the G6 NDS main menu.
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