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    With Nintendo's official WiFi service for the DS family shutting down in 2014, fans took it upon themselves to find ways to stay connected. Though successful, these methods previously relied on various forms of patching, putting a wall between 'vanilla' users and their previously-treasured online world. Roll on 2018 and after what is described as years of attempts, a fatal flaw was discovered in Nintendo's SSL implementation. While I can't pretend to understand the technicalities, the result is something far beyond anything I could have expected—WFC for all.

    Struggling to believe what I had seen, I threw a nearby Pokemon HeartGold cartridge into my 3DS, setup my phone hotspot, and jumped into the game's GTS. While overwhelmingly deserted (the only Pokemon I was actually able to find was a Zubat), it worked. To take it a step further, I uploaded my own Pokemon and with little effort, saw it be traded away to a fellow GBAtemp member. With the process as simple as adjusting your DNS settings through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup found in WFC-enabled games, I find myself eager to pick up and play some of my previously-neglected library knowing I can expect the full experience of years gone by.

    A lonely Zubat.

    If you want to learn more, check out @shutterbug2000's release thread below.
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