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    Nov 6, 2002

    I have one of them old EZ4 flash cards. I have a romlist file which keeps track of all roms, the problem is, this list ends at 2371.
    the rom I'm trying to add to my card is 2381, Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Europe version.

    Here's an example of two rows in the dsrom list.
    So my question is: Is there any rom tool which I can check up save type and rom checksum in?

    EDIT: found a program called NDS Top System which could show me some info on the game.. and the checksum is actually the crc2. ADB2D534

    Now only to figure out what save type FFTacticsA2 is.

    EDIT: Found the save type on another site, probably can't link there, but I'm not sure... anyways it's Eeprom - 512 kbit
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    When I get around to bundling all the stuff together I will update it, you have the right idea though.

    Checksum is just crc32 which your zip/rar app should have the option to display. Failing that most hex editors have the option, sfv generation software uses crc32, there are dedicated tools,

    Save type: irrelevant for the list and not listed in the header of DS roms (you need the cart to check, some fairly impressive disassembly skills or you can brute force it on an emulator). The usual thing just to fill in the box is TBC if I recall correctly.

    Oh and make sure to have a return at the end of the file or the EZ4Client app will crash. You can also just enter a name in the box in the top left of the EZ4Client app.
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    Have you tried Rominator? It keeps track of all your ROMs and has an option to individually/automatically check the crc32 of the ROMs.

    It was on the front page recently, or just search for it.
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    My application NDS Manager does CRC32 and doesn't use built-in, internal libraries, so you don't have to wait for a new application release every time there's a new game you want to CRC check. It's built to be future proof.