nds-bootstrap loader: Run commercial NDS backups from an SD Card

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    Nds-bootstrap has come a long way from needing Mario Kart DS to even play games, it's amazing to see where it is now.

    As shown in this video, the DSi on the left is running the game via nds-bootstrap/TWLMenu++, and the DSi on the right is the same game running normally, via the game card. The normal game has sleep mode issues, while the nds-bootstrap game goes into sleep mode just fine.

    This is only a small difference (and maybe it's just a defective card), but, it's definitely the better way to play the game.

    That, and the extra lengths gone to get things like the DS Web Browser working, despite it being vastly inferior to the DSi Web Browser in most ways. It wouldn't surprise me if the original Face Training is next :rofl2:

    There's so much hard work out into these projects. Kudos to everyone who worked on them :)
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