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Mar 4, 2008
It can replace DSTT/R4 completely,build in 1GB/2GB/4GB already(1GB bout $28,2GB about $40,4GB has no quote now in China)




The game file that we contact with usually abbreviation ROM, normally, it is the Compression file of ZIP or RAR file form.

Therefore we need to install WinRAR first on computer or other can untie Compression more software of two forms is used to untie Compression file.

Will N CARD In cover packs two card tape in the two cards inserted respectively into DS machine groove( SLOT 1 and SLOT2), and join the computer USB port and end of SLOT 2 with data line , open DS mains switch , can arise following picture to show.


Enter "N CARD" to choose item

It is rear that entering SLOT1 card to bring choose item, DS shows that is as follows:


It is to enter SLOT - 2 card and computer on line that "USB MODE" chooses item, "MENU" is to enter SLOT - 1 to block menu interface.

It is that the card of SLOT 2 that enters DS brings function that "USB MODE" chooses item, it may be even known with computer that entering this one choose item, computer need not install any driver , can distinguish move magnetic disc voluntarily , seeks as follows.

Pay attention: Every time with computer on line needs insert again into USB interface.
2.? Data transmission

Duplicate the file of related DS in computer and paste N CARD In in computer move magnetic disc. File may in move magnetic disc at will add and delete .But the file of " XMENU.DAT " in magnetic disc and the file of " DSYSTEM " can not be deleted , can not enter game pattern normally otherwise, or lose game memory file.

May arrive if losing XMENU file " N CARD Update
" download

Necessary file

Necessary file

Related to DS, file form reference is as follows:
DS game file form( game file). nds
it is ".ids"" file form will rename may just use for ".nds"
DS music file form( music). mp3
DS film file form( movie file). dpg
May change ordinary video file through software into the form of " .dpg "
DS electronic caricature file form( comic electronic document). ipk
DS electronic books file form( electronic book). txt
DS image file form( image file). jpg

Pay attention: Computer shows the 3 seconds after file transmits completion to break again, open computer connection. Because DS disposition is more low than computer disposition, data handling speed will slow 1-2 second.
3.? Restart

File after transmission completion first closes power source, pull out data line again , avoid to cause wrong file.

Suggest: Do not want is playing game with computer under the state on line , avoid equipment breakdown.
4. Form the method of melting

N CARD It is to realize data handling through DS equipment , has data transmission and handling must want to then can realize through DS equipment, the form of move magnetic disc melts to operate , is also not exceptional.

Pay attention: Can not melt on computer through form to move the way form of magnetic disc melt N CARD , otherwise data transmission speed will reduce 8 times. If having operated wrongly, so long as doing one correct form again to melt , may return to normal.

First, insert temperature to record ware( the temperature of SLOT2 end record card) and join computer data line before, start at the same time presses bond of " L " of DS; key ^ " R " bond;Key and direction bond; Next bond of key; Key( throughout according to do not relieve ), again start, after appearing , start frame at the same time presses bond of " A " again; Key and bond of " B "; Key, now, it is rear that frame can arise the printed words of " format flash. . . ", when computer bullet moves magnetic disc , form melts and systematic file loading is completed ( hand may relieve ).

Control bond that need to press before start; key

Hand opens DS power source under the state done not want to loosen


When go to the step of figure above DS goes up end screen will show that begins form to melt

After form melts to operate completion hold screen on DS final writing can show Model of kernel edition, at the same time, computer can spring a move magnetic disc that has no any file , XMENU in correspondence with kernel edition, DAT file pastes the move inside of magnetic disc may use. For instance: Show that need 2.52 _XMENU of replying 1.45 for the kernel edition of 1.45, DAT file pastes move magnetic disc.

If someone interested in it,please contact me:
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