Naruto: Redundant Names of the Ninja

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by jumpman17, Oct 25, 2007.

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    Someone needs to send the publishers of the Naruto games in America a note saying that ninja does not have to be in every title.

    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja
    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2
    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes
    Naruto: Ninja Council
    Naruto: Ninja Council 2
    Naruto: Ninja Council 3
    Naruto: Clash of Ninja
    Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2
    Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution
    Naruto: Path of the Ninja
    Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

    To their credit though, they did manage to give one series a name without using ninja:
    Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles
    Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2
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    sooo... ninja is NOT in every title then?
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    See that hole in your wall?
    The next title shall be...

    Naruto: The Ninja Game
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    Saitama Prefecture(I wish)
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    You're saying that like they won't change the name when they localize them.