NAND Back-Up And Restore On BootMii

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    Nov 8, 2009
    Im using a Kingston 4GB SDHC Card Class 4 to install BootMii. I did read online and it was confirmed that it was able to back-up the NAND. However it wasnt sure if it worked for restoring it. So i was wondering if anyone has used my kind of card or knows if this card does in fact work to restore it please tell me. The reason im asking is in case of a brick i do want to restore my wii back to normal therefore, i want to know if im able to restore the NAND using my card. I have BootMii v0.6 installed as an IOS. My wii firmware is 4.0U. Hope someone can help me. Thanks.

    Also if anyone has used my kind of card before please tell me how everything went and if it does let u use BootMii with it to back-up and restore the NAND.

    Heres the link where it sayd my card works but not sure for restore yet:
    My card is under BootMii Beta 4
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    Any card that BootMii agrees st load from is okay for restoring