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Apr 18, 2008
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Welcome all to the latest instalment of the now legendary "Name the Movie" game.

As usual over the next month we will be posting images from films and asking for you to identify them.
Those who identify them correctly will then have twelve hours to post a film of their own choosing.

This rounds twist is that we shall have a yearly rotation theme!
And here is how it works:

We shall be using the time line spanning from 1970 - 2008.
So I shall start the game by posting a film from 1970, the person who guesses it posts a film from 1971 and so on until we reach the year 2008.
Once the film from 2008 has been guessed we shall revert back to 1970!
For confirmation of the movies release year please use IMDB.

As always, if you successfully name the movie, please post your own image, and then send the answer to your entry to the 'Temper who posted the image you correctly identified. This previous poster will not be allowed to guess your image and will help us to know when a movie has been correctly identified.
We ask that you do not 'hotlink' to images hosted by other websites. Rather you should rename the image, and reload it to your own personal image host, such as Photobucket or Imageshack.
We also like it when people keep the scores and 'movies shown this round' list updated,
but there's no penalty for forgetting this step.
A comprehensive listing of the rules can be found in this thread.

Round Details:
Start Date: February 17
End Date: March 17
Judge: p1ngpong

Complaints and issues may either be sent to this round's judge,
or brought up in the NTM Discussion Thread.

So without further delay, lets get the game rolling!


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