Name that tune. Please!

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    Actually, it's the intro to the song that makes me want to identify the song.

    A voice which sounds a lot like David Lee Roth's (my bro's thinking Sammy Hagar, which may point to Van-Halen?....) starts off laughing, then says, "Jimmy got busted! Caught 'im with his pants down!"

    From what I understand, it's a very rare track intro, because they took it off the album after a very short time on the market. It was made around the time of the Jim and Tammy Fae Baker exposure. I remember hearing it on the radio a few times, but I don't rem what tune was connected to it.

    Still, I want to know that tune's title. Band and album name would be great too.

    Somebody here has to know...... [​IMG]
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