N64 ports to GameCube not working on Iso

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    since I am too lazy to type it all out and I doubt that I will get much help from YouTube by itself here's a link explaining my problem and yes I have a Wii U but I'm not sure where to post this as I have only been lurking on these forums and never thought to make an account so I'm kinda new/ EDIT/ scratch what I said about watching the video so here's a rundown of what I have and then I'll explain my problem so I'm running a wiiu with Version 3.363 of Nintendont I'm running 2 isos through an 8 gig Lexar USB . The 2 games are Zelda collectors edition and master quest . They both feature ports of a n64 game , whenever I try to load the games all I can do is hear the audio but the game is going on in the background . I can even start the ame but it's a blank screen so if you know anything about Nintendont please help me out also it's not the ISO because I can go to he game selection screen and the 2 NES gAmes also work
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    Just explain the problem if you want help instead of making people watch a video.