N64 neo myth menu + neo pro2 sd card

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    Jul 5, 2010
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    I wanted to make sure that not only I understood what needed to be done, but that I wouldn't screw anything up (when I get it in).
    The first step (after installing the program and drivers, and attaching device) is to format (n64 fast / fast)
    then choose the options here

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    with the path to NEON64.v64 as the bios path a-2 option
    then use the

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    type a-1 gba menu option with the boot path to NEON64MF.v64 set as BIOS path a-1.
    x:\.menu\n64\NEON64SD.v64 should go on the sd card, and the roms anywhere outside of that folder set (such as x:\N64-Roms
    Will this allow it to boot to the sd card menu automatically? Does the boot path need to be set another way, or what else might I be doing wrong...purchases below
    NEO N64 Myth flash cart + 512M
    NEO2 Pro 1024M Flash Cart + SL4

    Thanks in advance for anyone who knows about how to use these (downloads from
    google code
    neoflash forums

    Got the answer elsewhere, no need now.
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