N64 Cruis'n World more closer to the arcade version!

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    N64 Cruis'n World more closer to the arcade version!
    IMAGES: (click to enlarge)
    [​IMG] Same car, same elapsed time, different race position. Little Eurocom's cheats...
    [​IMG] Before hacking every obstacles (also a low bush) was like a frontal accident with another car. Now can bend, like in the arcade.
    [​IMG] Starting girl is better with her real arcade color and a more visibile smile
    [​IMG] 5 original arcade costumes for the trophy girl are better than only 1, right?

    BASE ROM: Cruis'n World (U).

    Italian-american collaborations with SubDrag hacker (Very thanks to him 'cause he made the bigger work) here is an improved Cruis'n World rom by 4 reasons:

    - Pure Cruise mode difficulty (not Championship) is now faithful to the real arcade version
    - The trophy girl have all her random costumes like in the arcade
    - Starting girl now have her original costume and a more visible smile
    - Obstacles now are bending like in the arcade, before hacking were like a traffic car, same effect for the race...
    NEW! - Restored original arcade car, tracks and songs names!

    Unfortunately are present also few bugs for this function, some object that have to bend couldn't do correctly or couldn't bend totally, for your race the effect is the same but you'll see them remain in theri position, like you trespass them, maybe the problem was that Eurocom not finished their animations...

    Difficulty became altered due to the multipliers activated after every victory, 'til a maximum of 5-6 victories, tesp by step the rival cars became faster and not was possible clean them, now the game still load them in a new game with 5-6 victories, but if you lose the emulator and reload the savegame once will not reloaded again, and will not reloaded after new victories.

    Cruis'n World have now a different feeling, more closer to the arcade version, but the project can't be considered finished, remains to do:
    - Restore GIB routine copying the discovered beta leftovers for all animals and add 3 missing static animals
    - Restore race vocal announces (impressed into the rom as sounds, but need ASM for set them)
    - Restore Hawaii waterfalls
    - Set for the Germany, Kenya, Egypt and England the original BGM
    - Set original blue sky in every track (Except Moon) in Cruise mode & leave added only in Champsionship.
    - Fix finish line coordinates (are too advanced)
    - Improve the crowd at the finish line (have to be random)
    - Restore fire in ATV turret when you press the trump and change ATV & Orca cars 3D models like arcade ones
    - Improve bend animations for objects tha don't bend correctly
    - Restore president ending

    If someone would help can send me a mail to ema89acquario@live.it, priority goes to GIB and race announces, but are very important also Skyies and right musics.

    SubDrag: ASM programming for trophy girl costumes, bending obstacles and multipliers abolition.
    CruisnEma (ME): Graphics, Project ideation and useful ideas to help the ASM hacker

    Rival cars speed arcade closer:
    Bending obstacles:
    Trophy girl alternated costumes:
    Starting girl original costume:
    Original arcade names for cars, music and places:

    patch rival cars more closer to Cruis'n USA, then very easy:

    Patches can be applied in every order and you can apply only what you want, but after you have to update the checksum.
    And set original clean rom options in the emulator or will not recognize the savegame and will erase it if you have one started with clean rom, create a safe copy of your original savegame before start this hacked rom and fix the options also for save your game also if you start a new game, otherwise your progress will be lost.
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    Jul 22, 2014
    Patch for have arcade names for the 5 renamed cars!
    Venom SST, Humee ATV, Lady bug, Sexium and El diablo instead of Serpent, ATV, Scarab, Stallion and El Nino!
    Tried to keep eurocom font for the logos.
    tha patch also renames also KENYA and RUSSIA track with their original arcade names that are AFRICA and MOSCOW and the OST ASIA MINOR, real arcade name is NOBLE SAMA.