Hacking N64 and 3D emulation on PS3 Homebrew. What happened?

N64 and 3D emulation on PS3 Homebrew. What do you think happened?

  • OpenGL/Vulkan was never ported. Which killed the progress that they made!

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  • The Cell processor was simply too complicated to port an emulator from an entirely different system.

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  • Dynamic Recompiler required to be rewritten killed all the enthusiasm the project once had.

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  • The developers simply just gave up!

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Jun 16, 2018
United Kingdom
So I'm considering to hack my PS3 Slim (25XX so I should be able to install CFW onto it). Plan to swap out the HDD with a 1TB SSHD for storing games and faster loading times.

But when looking into emulators for the PS3. I found a version of Retroarch and I was stunned that it was limited to 4th generation consoles and lower. So no N64, PSX or Saturn/Dreamcast for Retroarch. I thought it was in development but looking deeper into it. It seemed it was abandoned! I looked at forum posts dating back to 2011 that the people who made Wii64 were porting their software to the PS3. They said that "we are getting things working but it's sluggish" and showed a screenshot of Super Mario 64 booting.

That was the last post that they've put. I've heard that "OpenGL was the reason that they couldn't do it" or "The Cell processor was too complicated to program for" or "If they were to do a N64 emulator it would require rewriting the whole of the dynamic recompiler".

I'm wondering if it'll ever happen (mainly because we haven't been updated with the progress of an N64 emulator since 2011). I do hope one day a new developer does come along and manages to find a way around the PS3 Cell Processor. Or someone will eventually port Vulkan/OpenGL API's to the PS3 (I know that is a very lengthy process that takes years to do). But I do hope it happens one day because the PS3 has a lot of potential as a emulation station.

It honestly reminds me of the Xbox Emulation scene from years ago. Where there was not a single emulator that got far into development. Only very recently have there been Xbox emulators that finally play games at an acceptable standard. Or the fact that the Dolphin team went silent for 3 years but made a really good comeback. Although it looks bleak I do still believe there is hope that one day they'll be a N64/PSX/Saturn/Dreamcast heck maybe even GameCube emulators/core for the PS3 that everyone will be satisfied with.
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