N3ds w/ MenuHAX and BrowserHAX

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    Dec 22, 2008
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    Hi so before I had a fully decked out new 3DS sysNAND 9.2 EMUNAND 11.0 (Luma)

    Sent in my 3ds for repair got it back with sysNAND 11.0. Couldnt do anything. Now I at least have menu HAX on my 11.0 sysNAND. I still have all of my emuNAND data and gateway CFW files on my SD card. But with the current exploits I cannot load any of it. is that correct?

    Does this still apply to me even though I have EMUNAND backups from the past? Thanks
  2. W4T4R1

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    Aug 20, 2014
    Sadly, with sysNAND on 11.0 you have only two option to regain any CFW:
    - Downgrade hardmodding the 3DS
    - Downgrade using Fieldrunners Hax (in this case you need another already-hacked 3DS)
    Or, you could just wait until someone finds a new exploit that allows software downgrade like on version 10.7 and below