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    Hi everyone!

    Look, I know I'll get a few impulsive replies here, but hear me out, alright?

    I have a n3DS (not XL) from Japan (on 9.2) that currently I've been running a US EmuNAND on for a while now. I never did an eShop signup from the onboard firmware, but did from the EmuNAND and obviously can access NNID settings, but can't access the shop itself.

    There's a myriad of guides available, and I've done the three different MicroSD card thing (though I've had conflicting reports of the second EmuNAND [as in original region + no NNID, or new region + no NNID]) and still get met with an error code. Though it's a different error code having done that little procedure, as now it gets to the 'ID-Linking Process' page and gives me an error 005-5602.

    I can still play online, and still get eShop auto download prompts and stuff, and streetpass and everything all work just fine! Just not the eShop app. My EmuNAND is on 10.4 US.

    The question I have, is I recall reading somewhere originally that region changed EmuNAND could never have eShop access. Then all these guides popped up saying otherwise. But I recall reading somewhere that no New 3DS could have eShop access on EmuNAND because of pre-installed titles by default on the New One? Can I get some clarity here?
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    Sure, well you know N3DS console of every region has at least one pre-installed game demo (not a part of system app):

    US N3DS has Planes demo (I suppose).
    EU N3DS has Tomodachi Life Welcome Edition (definitely).
    JP N3DS has too (I am sure).

    That same app also appears in eShop (on a fresh N3DS console if you have fresh NNID and go in installed games you will see that pre-installed game demo listed as well).

    Most fresh basic O3DS or O3DS XL is an exception (as long as you don't download any game or app from eShop before performing region change).

    I think the eShop has the access to console installed titles log stored in Nintendo server. Which is why even if you perform system format you cannot get rid of it.

    I may not be 100% correct. But in my experience I had a used O3DS XL console I bought second hand which I formatted and tried region change, everything was working except the eShop. Tried finding out the cause by checking the ticket.db file in sysNAND and found few titles listed there which wasn't my doing. So I guess that was the issue, ie. previous owner downloaded some legit titles or game updates on the console.
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    My n3ds japan have the same problem. Region change to US successful. After creating nnid in emunand and try to access eshop but not succeeded. After that emunand can not unlink nnid or format emunand.
    Sysnand is not affected by emunand nnid banned.
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    that is not true, pre installed games or whether it was connected online has nothing to do with it a region changed system simply will not connect to eshop.
    yifan_lu explained it if i remember correctly it was https://3dbrew.org/wiki/CTCert which is tied to hardware there is no way to permanently change it.
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    Sorry to bump an old thread but this is my exact situation.

    With there being no way to permanently change it is there a way to do it temporarily?