N3ds, possible to create a program to turn off/on wifi at certain times of day?

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    Since Wifi is not a physical switch on N3ds, is it possible to have a program where you can set up for it to turn on/off at certain times. For example, If I am going to a crowded place every day at certain time, let it be school or work commute or whatever, have it turn on for that time period, then turn off when you are in a place where you are unlikely to get street passes, such as home, or during the night, to save the battery life?

    Is this possible? On O3DS its easy to flick the switch even when the lid is closed but its kind of a pain on N3ds having to open it up and go through menus.
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    It seems possible. Although it seems unnecessary for the amount of work, because this is a whole new category for nand/cfw modding.
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    Really? It only takes a few second to click the icon and scroll down to the enable wireless option. Such an app would be pointless to make. But if you really want something like that, talk to the people who make plugins for NTR CFW.
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    We need Tasker for 3DS :-)
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  6. James310

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    Might be possible with NTR if you actual bother making it as a plugin...
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