Hacking N3DS Luma CFW crashing after start (EmuNand)


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Jan 4, 2015
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EDIT: Scroll down for the solution!
Hi there,

I decided to play a few DS/3DS games again and revived my N3DS for this task.
It has b9s with luma on it. Firmware was 10.x.

After I revived the battery the 3ds homemenu loads but crashes after about 10-15sec with following message:

Error type: generic

Process ID: 30
Process name: cecd
Process title ID: 0x0004013000002602

Address: 0x00111cf0
Error code: 0xd900458b

I managed to enter system settings to set up wifi and update the 3DS to 11.15. The strange thing is as soon the 3ds got internet connection it does not crash anymore. If I am out of reach of my wifi the error message from above appears again.
Also the 3DS will crash when I enter sleep mode. It just remains in sleep mode when it should wake up.

Loading up sysnand which is still original (v9.2.0) does not have this problem.
The system used to work perfectly it somehow did not survive 2+ years beeing in a shelf.

Is there any solution?

I just discovered that it must be a problem with Streetpass data.

That's why it is crashing when I close the 3DS and why it crashes when disconnected from the internet -> In both cases Streetpass kicks in. Also when I enter System Settings and try to access the streetpass data it crashes immediatly with the same error.

For future you:
If this goes on gbatemp evolves to my personal diary for technical issues and how to solve them:/
If you get that error or similar which involves "cecd" that means your Streetpass data got corrupted.
To solve this boot up GodMode9 and enter CTRNAND:

Delete the file /data/<ID0>/sysdata/00010026/00000000

Upon reboot the 3DS will recreate that savedata and the crashes should be gone!
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