[N3DS] Is it possible to download a file to the microsd in Emunand without rebooting?

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    So, first let me explain the situation:

    I have Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Gateway. However, I lent out my LoZ to my friend so she can experience the awesomeness of it. Now, I did take it momentarily to format my emunand and boot into gateway mode, however it being spring break, I won't see her for about a week and I didn't have a chance to setup my WiFi info, nor update my system.

    Now, I have save files I want to transfer, and small-sized CIA's I want to transfer, but have no idea how to do it.

    I did think of the following, but I'm not sure if my logic is sound (or if the proper homebrew exists):

    - First, set up my router to be called 'attwifi' so my 3DS will connect without going into settings
    - Then, find some filemanager homebrew which will allow me to FTP into my 3DS, and transfer the file
    - Profit??

    My issue is, me being connected to a "public hotspot", I'm not sure if this is possible. Additionally, I'm not sure if there's any FTP homebrew that's a .3ds file