N3DS 9.5 Emunand and CHMM

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    Jul 4, 2014
    Hello I was checking out some cool themes using CHMM(cia) but a theme kinda screwed my emunand. It freezes on my home menu right after I launch into Emunand. Is there a way to fix this without injecting my emunand backup? Thanks :)

    Edit : well I made another backup using emunand tool and injected one of my old backups and guess what it's still the same! the theme is still there and it still freezes. What sorcery is this?

    Edit 2 : I fixed the problem following these steps. If mods could close the thread It'd be nice :)

    It's probably broken cache. Search for "Nintendo 3DS\<ID0>\<ID1>\extdata\00000000\000002ce" on your SD card
    (last one can be 000002cd or 000002cc, depending on your region). Just delete that extdata folder (only 000002ce, not the whole extdata) to clear themes cache.
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