N-Card Slot-2 Help

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    Well i found out that the slot-2 for ncard is only for nds lite a little bit after i ordered but i dont wanna re-do the shipping so could anyone help me with modding the slot-2 cart for the N Card tell me what i need to take off because i was thinking maby you cut off the little extra tab at the end of the slot 2 cart and put a pully tab or something to pull it out with. is this what to do or should i do something else like take one of my old GBA games and put the slot 2 stuff in there and take out its old stuff
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    What I did with mine when I had my Phat DS was:

    1. Break off the tab

    2. Find a screwdriver that can unscrew the cart.

    3. Remove the labeled portion of the cart.

    4. Insert the modded cart without the front end. You'll need something thin enough to wedge the cart fully into the slot and wedge into the cart to pull it out.

    Note that this is highly unadvisable- It ruins your slot-2 cart(even worse if you plan on buying a Lite in the future), and you'll have to stretch the GBA slot's plastic to get the USB in the cart when it's in. However, I don't have any other real ideas- putting it in a GBA shell won't help; it either won't connect to the DS or the USB due to its size.

    You might be able to find someone who can sell you just the GBA-sized writer; I know some clones use them, or the F-card writer, which plugs the DS card right to the USB, no DS needed.