Mysterious Brick: Went Bad Over Time - Can't Bootmii - Good Drive, Wifi and Bluetooth - Still Dead??

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    I don't usually post (solve most problems on my own with available forum and net resources), but this here is a stumper.

    Been having problems with my softmodded bootmii on boot2 wii for a while. Started not booting sometimes (black screen) and would need to reset. Got progressively worse and worse, to the point where it would only boot on days it felt like it (or if I stood there and powered off and on 20-50 times). Now it's gotten to the point where it seems it wont boot at all (or would take way more time to stand there and cycle power than I'm sanely willing to contribute).

    Having read about wifi and bluetooth modules needing to be functional to boot (and bad ones being the cause of most hardware bricks), and having "theoretically" isolated the issue to the wifi board (via savemiifrii), I ordered a replacement, popped open wii, installed it, and still no dice.

    So, not to be outdone, and knowing the disc drive on this system had been out for ages, I finally borrowed a fully working wii; disc drive reads discs, remotes sync, and wifi connects. I took the disc drive, wifi, and bluetooth from the working wii, popped them in mine, and LOW AND BEHOLD -- still nothing. unresponsive black screen. dumbfounded.

    pertinent info:
    • On the times of no boot, I am strangely not even able get to bootmii, it too worked sporadically until null, as the title screen.
    • Even on black screen (no boot), everything lights up and spins (power light, fan, disk drive and light, and tv flickers (but no title screen)
    • I am able to turn on the wii with the wiimote (so assuming bluetooth connections are in order)
    • 2 "states" of black screen: one where I could still sync the remote (and turn off the wii with it) and reset button was operational, and one where there was no response at all, and I had to hold down the power button or unplug (the state I seem to be stuck in now).
    • I've tried two different inputs on my tv (which work otherwise), and two different av cables (which work otherwise; one component one composite) -- same deal.
    • when I was last getting "good" black screens, and was able to check, I did a savemiifrii and it did show the 4.3 USA at the bottom.
    • I assume it is not a software brick, as it would work fine occasionally, and the black screen prevents even boot2 bootmii from loading.

    So fellas, oh royal wiizards...

    Is there any hope for this wii? (with all my precious save data and mii profiles on it... and it's "coveted" boot2 motherboard)
  2. cobleman

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    Jun 23, 2009
    At $45 dollars for a second hand WII from most thrift shops id bye another and not bother with the faulty 1. And since you have Bootmii2 you should have a NAND dump with most of your saves you could use with SNEEK to play your old NAND from new console just a thought.
  3. DizzyBoyDizzy

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    Interesting input. Though, I would love to keep this wii, as it is my launch day unit and I am quite fond of it lol, plus I prefer to use my actual nand over emulation, plus I like the security of having a boot2 capable system, and I'm not keen on playing the new unit lottery. Plus I have an issue where I hate walking away from a challenge.

    If anyone has any inlking of an idea of how to find the issue here, I'm all ears and ready to cooperate.
  4. KoopaHax35000vr

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    Make a backup of all your files on your sd card then format the sd with Panasonic sd formatter then put your bootmii folder nand.bin keys.bin on the root of your sd card
  5. trumpet-205

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    Take out your SD card, does the drive slot flash at all? If not then this Wii is permanently dead, as it cannot load boot2.
  6. DizzyBoyDizzy

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    Jun 8, 2007
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    Just finished finals, lol. So I took you guys' input:

    - The slot does still do the multi-flash thing, so safe to say bootmii is still installed.

    - tried the panasonic formatter, put just bootmii folder, nand keys and bin on root of drive -- still no dice.

    what's next?

    -- new development:

    just realized its pretty much only when the sd card is inserted that the wii won't reset, and either gives no slot light or slow blinking slot light. Without sd in, wii boots (to black screen) and resets fine, doing a rapid "bootmii" slot flash each time.

    --- new, new development:

    Scratch that -- got bootmii to work ;-)
    Dl'd a fresh bootmii folder from the net, did another format and presto, back in. Backed up nand, did a format/new nand creation with 4.3u via ohneschwanzenegger -- still black screen.

    Still can't click through to wii menu (black screen; gives a short-long-short blink error on the slot), click through to homebrew channel (same response), or run latest hackmii from bootmini.elf to update boomii (freezes, even-blinking slot). Hmmm....
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    get priiloader in there, and have it launch a neek environment automatically. probably last resort.
  8. Hielkenator

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    Are you 100% sure you've achieved making a fresh Nand with OhneSwanzenneger?
    Did you first dumped you Nand with bootmii and used format and rebuild that backup in ohnaswanzenneger?
    You could open your dump with Showmiiwads to see what is wrong with your current nand.
    This does not make sense at all.
    Also what does bootmii tell you when you are trying to install the fresh nand?