My Wiis got the black screen and I really want my save data

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    Nov 30, 2014
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    Okay, I hate to just ask this out of nowhere, but my LU1000 wii seems to be totally bricked after netflix wigging out. It's not modded so there's no option for priiloader or whatnot. It gives me a black screen and wont recognize a wiimote. I've tried everything in the book, even borrowed the cables from my other wii. No dice.

    See, I really want my brawl replay data. I was going to borrow a capture device to record all of our replays off of it. But its just entirely dead.

    I keep hearing stories about how it could be this and that and that my save data would never be intact. So my question is this: Is there anyone/a place I can send it to to repair my Wii with the save data intact? I have another Wii so I need this one only for the data that's on it. Repairing it for any other reason would be moot.

    Thanks for any help.