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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by huni, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. huni

    huni Newbie

    Sep 8, 2007

    I just finished installing my wiikey and I took a few pictures in the process so I'm just posting it here so maybe it can help someone.

    I have my Wii since a few weeks after the launch last year and I did all the updates online so before installing my wiikey, it was NTSC-U 3.0U.

    I did a lot of reading online about wiikey and all this stuff lately and finally, I ordered my wiikey from and received it two days later with the genuine hologram, so I am assuming this is an original Wiikey chip, not a clone, but who really knows anyway! I also ordered a triwing screwdriver from divineo because they are cheap anyway and I didnt want to strip any screw.

    Before beginning, I have to say that I dont have a lot of soldering experience and I did install my chip without any problem at all and it wasnt that hard after all, just needed to go really slow and be very careful. I didnt feel very confident doing the quick-solder method so I decided to simply do a classic wire install.

    So, first thing first, I followed this guide ( to unmount my Wii console. The guide was pretty accurate, except for maybe one screw, but anyway, it was pretty easy to figure it out.

    I then used some 30 gauge wire that I had in the basement and cut 6 small wires of about 4" each. I then applied a little flux to each tip of all the wires.
    Then I spotted to right points on the Wii board ( and added a little flux to each either and I was ready to solder one wire to each point.

    Here is a picture of the points on my Wii board with the wires soldered to it:


    After that I soldered the other end of each wire to the corresponding point on the wiikey:


    Since I wanted to make sure that the wiikey chip would not touch anything it wasnt supposed to, I didnt tape it at the normal place. Instead, I put some electric tape on the metal plate in the upper part of the Wii drive board (just over the place where the chip normally goes) and then I put the chip on the tape and taped it it place with some more electric tape. I also put a piece of tape on the soldered points on the board and here is how the final job looked like:


    I think my wire installation looks cool and wasnt too hard to do all by myself. I'm sure it would have been more difficult to do the quick-solder method.

    So, after putting everything back in place and all the screws, I was ready to give it a try.

    First, I tried my originals and everything was working good. Just after, I tried the backup of Metroid Prime 3 that I had just downloaded and burned and to my great pleasure.. it just worked!! You should have seen my smile at this very moment :-)

    After that, I tried the only other backup that I have for now, which is Mario Party 8, but it didnt work the first time. It appeared in the channel, but when I tried to start it, I got a DRE message.

    Since Metroid was working, I assumed it was just a bad media issue and I burned the iso of Mario Party again and this time, it worked like a charm!

    So I think I will have to buy myself some better media since the ones I use right now are pretty cheau TDK DVD-R and I guess I will have some trouble now and then if I dont change brand.

    I'm aware of this 1.9b firmware update for the wiikey but I understand that it is mostly for the gamecube backups and since all I want is play Wii backups, I'll just wait for now.

    So, all in all, this is it, I hope my little experience will help someone.

  2. SPiko

    SPiko Advanced Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    United States
    Thanks for posting pictures. I htink Im gona go with the wired install as well.
  3. hakdizzle

    hakdizzle GBAtemp Regular

    May 6, 2006
    United States
    pretty good
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