My Wii won't turn on anymore

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    Jun 18, 2017
    Hey guys, i have a softmodded wii, that i use mostly for emulation purposes on my tv. it's a few years old but it never failed me in any way. except a few days ago after playing Metroid on a gba emulator, i left it running for some minutes and when i came back everything was completely off.

    Here's the problem: If i plug the wii into a power source, the red light turns on, but when i press it it flashes yellow for a half-second, as if it were about to turn on, but then the light goes completely off/ black. i've tried different power-sources, an Ac-adapter reset, removing all the accesories from the wii, waiting a few days, basically all the solutions that helped people on the internet. nothing fixed it so far, everytime i plug it into the power, the light still turns red, but if i try to power it on, be it with the wii remote, the power button, or the eject button, it always flashes yellow and immediately powers down. i was wondering if there's a solution that doesn't include me having to mess around with the tech, that would be the last resort. thanks!!
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