My Wii U won't format my old HDD properly. What should I do?

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    Aug 31, 2015
    I used a 64GB MicroSD Card in a USB converter for my Wii U for external storage, but recently I've found my old computer Hard Drive with about 85GB of storage (I don't remember the exact amount, and I don't have it next to me right now.), so felt like changing to that, because Mario Kart 8 didn't like the card anyway (Everytime it tried to load a Highlight Reel, it gave me an error forcing me to restart the system...), so I plugged in the HDD, formatted it to the Wii U's format, formatting finished succesfully, but it didn't show up in Copy/Move/Delete Data, and the Formatter still recognized it as a not yet set up Drive. I checked the thing on my PC, and Windows DOES say, that it can't recognize the format, so it should be formatted.