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    May 23, 2016
    Hello, fellow members of GBATemp. Firstly, I want to apologize for posting this thread. I want to prepare myself for modding my Wii U. Having a history of hacked consoles such as the Wii, 3DS, Xbox 360 and PlayStation consoles, I decided to give the Wii U a go. It has some pretty irresistible games.

    However, this being my first softmodding a Wii U, I'm a complete noob. I naturally have several questions I need help with.
    1) What's the best guide to follow? I saw Kafluke's noob guide is the most up-to-date one, should I follow that one? Also, is there any decent video guide?
    2) What's the latest firmware? 5.5.2? If so, is it safe to update to that if my firmware is too low and still be able to softmod the Wii U?
    3) I'm willing to spend some money for a DS game. Should I install HaxChi instead of Mocha CFW?
    4) Does CBHC do anything other than autoboot HaxChi? Also, how safe is it to install CBHC?
    5) How exactly do you install the games using WUP Installer and should I use it over Loadiine?
    6) Is it possible to use the same hard drive for both Wii U and vWii? Also, is it possible to use the internal memory for vWii?
    7) So, sysNAND backup is possible only on a SD card that's double the size of the Wii U's internal memory? I'll get a black 32GB Wii U Premium and have an empty 32GB SD card, however I also have a full 128GB SD card. Should I use the 32GB one or back everything from the 128GB one up, format it and use that one?

    I hope I'm not being a hassle. I don't want to risk a brick, and while I always follow a guide and never got a brick (except when I updated my 3DS and got a soft-brick, which I restored using a sysNAND backup), there is still a chance of getting a brick so that's why I want to head into Wii U modding fully prepared.

    Thanks in advance.
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