My Wii U is on 5.3.2U but Splatoon wants me to update

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    Hello Guys,

    I just recently got a steal on a wii u gamepad for 40 bucks on craigslist. So I booted up my wii u and synced the gamepad, but the problem is for some reason splatoon wants me to connect to the internet and start an update? I remember I was able to play splatoon just fine on 5.3.2U and if i'm mistaken splatoon was the disc that updated my game to 5.3.2U. Anyways I need some help. I also want to know what homebrew projects I can do on my wii u. I heard about wii U loadliine, that requires smash bros for the wii u and only some games work with it? Also I heard there's a spoofer that I can use so I can go online with games that don't require a firmware higher than 5.3.2U? Thanks
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    Read the stickies. And please do not ask already answered questions.
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    This is probably because it's trying to update Splatoon to the latest version but needs to update the console to do so.
    You can use WUPInstaller to install the latest version title to spoof your version, and the updates for your games so you can play online.
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