My Wii seems to be ruining my games

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    It's scratching my discs to hell, I've never had games in worse condition for any system before and I have pretty much all disc based systems except for the Saturn and PS3 and some other old stuff nobody ever got.

    I'm on my second Mario Galaxy copy, it didn't have problems reading the first one but the disc was so messed up I was afraid I wouldn't be able to back it up and reburn it, cutscenes don't work on my Brawl disc at all, glad I finished SSE while it was still working and my 2nd Mario Galaxy is getting pretty scratched up too.

    But the scratches aren't the only problem I have with it, it seems some weird ass powder like thing gets stuck on the discs, maybe it's dust partciles I dunno, but they seem to get stuck below the surface layer of the disc so removing them is kind of impossible.

    I dunno what to do guys, I guess I could take it to a professional modder, the same guy who modded it and have him clean it and take a look at it, but before I do that I want to get some input on what might be wrong with it in case the guy doesn't know or doesn't want to tell.

    Another question, would using the DVD5 version of Brawl put less stain on the laser? I'm done with SEE and I don't think I need the DVD9 anymore, unless the DVD5 version has no music or something.
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    Apr 13, 2008
    The Wii is scratching your disks? Ooh, the only explanation I can see is that you dislodged something in your modchip installation and now the bit of debris scratches your disk while it's spinning. If that's the case, than the only viable course of action you can take would be getting it professionally repaired [​IMG]
    As for the powder that you say is being melted into your disks, I don't know what that could be.
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    Mar 18, 2008
    DVD5 vs DVD9 isn't going to change the amount of "strain" on the laser. The laser is just that - a laser. It doesn't get stressed just because a disc doesn't read or is dirty. That just cause a re-read of the disc which might put extra wear on the drive motor and motor that positions the laser, but really it shouldn't make a huge difference.

    As far as the scratching and power goes - scary! If the guy won't fix it, then I would get a whole new DVD drive if I was you. You could get a wii-clip and do it new mod yourself. Changing the drive is easy-peasy.