My Wii Impressions (Aus)

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    Late last week I received a phone call telling me that I won a competition with Nintendo Australia to be one of the first in Australia to play the Wii at a special Wii Party hosted by Nintendo. There were 40-45 of us in total about about 8 wii stations, you only had to wait at most 4 people in the line to play. It was simply awesome, anyway here are the impressions.


    I arrived back from Brisbane today, all Wii Partied out [​IMG] The reps were great, very friendly and actually genuinely excited to be there and to see what we thought of the Wii.

    Upon arriving at the venue I entered the foyer to see about 10 people all sitting on the sofas, each with a DS out. Hmm somehow I think I'm at the right place...

    I hosted a 8 player Mario Kart match while we all waited in the foyer, this was my DS Lite's virgin 8 player experience. I've only ever played 2 player in local wifi and 4 player online. 8 player mario kart was hectic, a lot of fun but I ended up 7th haha.

    I met up with a guy from (an aus Nintendo site I frequent) in the foyer, it was great to meet him. He regaled me with stories of experiences he had of electroplankton hooked up to his hi-fi system at a party while they were all considerably 'out of it'. Resulting in them all crowded around electroplankton the entire night [​IMG] I know how awesome that is [​IMG]

    Then it was time to go inside. They made us sign pieces of paper that signed over our souls and trust funds, but it's all for a good cause, Wii!

    We entered the room, being told to keep to this side of the room, the wii stations on the other side glaring at us. There was a big wall projecter set up rolling clips of wii games. Party food on tables scattered here and there. Bottles of drinks in ice buckets. We were then welcomed enthusiastically by the Nintendo crew. And then it started...

    Oh man it was very cool. I played:

    Excite Truck
    Wario Ware
    Wii play - duck hunt, air hockey and billiards

    They were all amazing to play. The Wiimote is really comfortable, it fits just right in your hand. In the Aussie events we got to see never before seen Zelda footage, but I wasn't really a Zelda fan so I jumped straight into Wii Sports Tennis. I played a 2 player game of it with the guy I met up with from It was probably the best game I played all night, just so much fun [​IMG]

    The controller is very intuitive and plays just how you expect it to. I made all the exaggerated tennis motions and had a lot of fun in doing so. It's horrible going back to a normal controller after that...

    Bowling was great too, I could put spin on the ball by simply twisting the Wiimote when releasing it. It felt like the real thing. This will definitely be a good time waster game.

    Although not a Zelda fan by nature, I loved the sword fighting and fishing. Bow and arrow was also very simple and intuitive but there was a slight learning curve as it is more sensitive than you realise. Zelda was also the only game that used the Wiimote speaker.
    The sword fighting was very satisfying. Lock on to an enemy with the Z button on the nunchuck then flick the wiimote to make sword swipes. Also shake the nunchuck left and right to do a spin attack or thrust it forward to do a thrust attack. It just worked so well!
    Fishing was equally as fun, cast off then waggle the wiimote to attract the fish then once you got a bite pull the wiimote back and start winding. When the fish leaps out of the water you need to lower the wiimote again so it doesn't get loose. Then once it's back in the water you pull back again and keep winding. When the fish is near the boat press A + B together to collect it. I caught a 19" Hyrulian Bass. The guy before me got 20" [​IMG]

    Excite Truck was also fun but the controls were very sensitive. I'm sure some more playtime with it and it would work real well. I kept on running into trees though heh. Press 2 on the controller for accelerate, steering with tilt and right on the d-pad for boost. I came 2nd when I played, so I wasn't too bad. The full game will be great I'm sure, they just need to make sure there's some meat to the game. Game modes, unlocks etc.

    Wario Ware was just how you'd expect a Wario Ware game to be. It was zany and used basically all the wiimote's functions. It was fun doing the hula, high fiving a nintendog, and driving a car, but all said and done I can see this game getting old very fast just like Wario Ware Touched. Good for parties I dare say but not much other than that.

    Wii Play I was sceptical about at first but after playing it I found it was well worth a day one purchase with a wiimote. The duck hunt game was fun but since you're not actually pointing at the screen like a light gun it will take some getting used to. It was also the only game I played sitting down (the only one that had seats at that!). Everyone else stood up but I wanted to see what sitting down on a couch in my living room would feel like while playing. I can safely say that it works just fine. You can rest you arm on your leg and just make small motions if you want it works equally well. Great stuff
    Air Hockey was touchy but fun too. You move the wiimote around to move the paddle around and also if you tilt the wiimote left or right your paddle will tilt too. It takes some getting used to but I can see this becoming a big party game.
    Billiards was the best Wii Play game, it was just so intuitive. Hold in the B button on the bottom of the wiimote and drag to line up your shot. Then when you were ready press B on the ball and your cue will appear. Keep holding in B and pull your cue back then release and thrust the wiimote forward. It feels like you really are playing billiards. Also if you hold in the A button a half transparent map of the table appears on the screen so it'll help you line up your shot. Very nice.

    And that was all I played, although I'll make a few notes on the wiimote and nunchuck:

    - I was playing the final Wiimote and nunchuck and they weren't tethered, they ran on batteries.
    - It's small and comfortable
    - The battery cover was kind of loose though (probably from all the playtime at Nintendo HQ haha, the nintendo reps sure love the wii)
    - The B button on the bottom is not a trigger but a button (it works well as a button so I'm not complaining)
    - It is comfortable to hold the wiimote on the side during racers
    - The 1/2 buttons are the same as the DS Lite's Y/A buttons. Probably the same spacing as well. They're nice.
    - The D-pad is the same as the DS Lite (hold your DS Lite with thumbs on the d-pad and Y/A buttons and you have a Wiimote [​IMG] )
    - The Wiimote rumble is kinda weak, which is both good and bad. Good that it doesn't stuff up your aiming bad as there isn't as much feedback. That said it is definitely appreciated in the wiimote, if it didn't have rumble it'd be only half as good as you need feedback for thinks like hitting the ball in tennis [​IMG]
    - The Nunchuck is comfortable too, fairly light as well.
    - I didn't like the C/Z buttons on the nunchuck. My fingers kinda just fell off them. They should have designed them like the shoulder buttons on the GC controller. Moulded to your fingers.

    I think that's about it. I will say this last thing though. Once you go Wii you'll never go back [​IMG] Seriously the controller is awesome.

    If you have any questions at all feel free to ask. Unfortunately, no photography allowed. Nintendo took pics themselves though so I'm sure they'll turn up on their website.
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    Damn, I'm getting even more anxious to get my hands on some Wii action! Glad to see u had fun [​IMG]
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    Nov 6, 2002
    [​IMG] 8 december... almost.... almost darn it.... COME ON COME ON i'm tired of waiting, and then after reading this, i'm almost drooling... thank god i have some sick days from the job xD once i get my Wii i'll use them!
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    Jul 22, 2006
    I was at the Brissie Wii launch. I am a highschool teacher and a student of mine needed an 18+ guardian to escort him, so I scored big time there [​IMG]

    We had a blast, Wii tennis was the most fun I have had with a game in ages. I played with a guy I didn't know and we had around a 20 shot rally on our first go. The woman running the station was so impressed she asked us to come back again to show ppl how it was done [​IMG]

    Wii billiards was freakin awesome, as was Wario Ware.

    I was a little underwhelmed with Zelda, and this is coming from a rabid Zelda fan. I played the dungeon level and while it was cool, it wasn't as amazing as I expected.

    Excite Truck was fun, but I think the novelty in single player will wear off very quickly, multiplayer should be a blast though, especially with some drinks involved [​IMG]

    Overall, the game of the evening was easily Wii Sports, Tennis is just so much fun it's godam criminal.

    Long live the Wii!
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    Dec 22, 2002
    Wow another GBAtemper [​IMG] It was a blast wasn't it? [​IMG]

    Tennis and billiards were indeed awesome.

    About the concerns for Zelda though it was just demo and I suppose it was set up to get you used to the controls, I very much doubt the final game will be set up like the demo was. Did you like the controls for it though? I've now put Zelda on my to-buy list.
  6. desh_thiere

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    Jul 22, 2006
    Regardless of my dismay at some of the aspects of Zelda, I will still of course buy it on launch. I mean, come on, it's Zelda, I have no choice [​IMG]

    The controls were OK, but I found it difficult to get used to the nunchuck, being right handed my left hand is basically a useless appendage used only for grasping the steering wheel of my car while i smoke with my right hand [​IMG]

    What were you dressed in at the Brissie launch? I spoke to a few ppl that evening, I might have spoken to you. I was in brown pinstriped pants and a brown stripey polo shirt. Accompanied by a 15 year old student [​IMG]
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    Nov 22, 2005
    Sydney Australia
    AH....I entered the sydney one, but they didnt pick me [​IMG]
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    Dec 22, 2002
    Thing is I'm a leftie. But I use my right hand for basically everything except writing. I even learn things like the guitar the right handed way. So I'm kind of used to using both my hands. The controls felt right at home with me [​IMG]

    I was wearing black jeans and a brown t-shirt with a white design on the front. I also wore a necklace, bracelet and ring (not that anyone is looking that closely [​IMG]). We'll see if Nintendo post their pics of the event. I can only remember being in one photo though so I very much doubt I'll show up online. I saw a few people accompanying kids that night.

    @kelvinate, ahh that sucks [​IMG] Well at least you'll be able to play it when the Wii tours the country in the next few weeks.
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    Sep 10, 2006
    Cool, thanks for the preview. I just wonder how much depth the motion games will have. I mean, how long can someone wave their hands around before getting bored/tired?

    Too bad you didn't get to take one home.. some competition puhh
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    Apr 2, 2003
    Shaun had one of these for a few days now. Just wondering why he hasn't reviewed it yet. Maybe hes just having too much fun.
  11. Opium

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    Dec 22, 2002
    If you mean GBAtemp shaun then no. Shaun does not have a Wii [​IMG] He's played it recently though.
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    Man this makes my so impatient for Nov 19 to come!!! I want my Zelda and Red Steel! And i wish they would hurry up and finish mario galaxies and a mario party. It is going to be out of this world!
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    [​IMG] I wish! Unfortunately I only got some hands-on action. [​IMG]
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    Thank you for your review [​IMG]
    that was really funny to read, you expressed your joy very well !

    I'm impatient to have it on 8 december.

    On there are some video of people trying the wii, but I don't know if they are videos taken from that event.
    (there isn't any from australia though)

    There is one from UK, Shaunj66 it's you ! lol
  15. Harsky

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    Aug 2, 2004
    When are the demo machines going to start rolling out I wonder? I've seen soooo many pictures that I know that enough is enough. I want to actually try it out. It just occured to me that the launch is only a month away.
  16. Opium

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    Dec 22, 2002
    ^In Australia a nation wide Wii shopping centre tour is about to kick off. From the 9th-12th of November (next week [​IMG] ) I can go to the shopping centre in my city to play it with the public.

    I bet there's going to be a big line but I'll have finished exams by then. I could spend all day there hehe.
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    Apr 4, 2006
    I'm extremely skeptical towards comments such as "the remote/controller is very comfortable", as in most cases, it has proven not to be [​IMG]

    (I have huge hands...)

    At least in Wii's case, the controller is TV-remote-shaped. TV remotes are the only thing even remotely comfortable (pun not intended), because they don't even begin to try to be ergonomic [​IMG]
    (And you don't have to mash buttons nearly as often as with a game controller.)

    Apart from a TV remote, the only controller that didn't result in cramps for me was the Gamecube controller. And the original Gameboy, but my hands were smaller back then, so I can't really say [​IMG]
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    Nov 9, 2003
    I've played the Wii last summer (Wii Play Together event for press in The Netherlands and Belgium) and two days ago I had the chance to play it again (Monkey Ball testing voor a mag), but I was too busy so somebody else had to do the horrible job [​IMG]
    When I played it there were still wires on the WiiMote except for Duck Hunt and Wii Tennis. I've also played the E3 demo's of Wii Orchestra (suckage), Wii Golf (almost had a hole in one!), Wii Baseball (too simple, but improved now I hope) and WarioWare (wow!). Also all E3 games for the Nintendo DS were there to be played.

    The Wii rocks!

    I was also invited for a Rayman/Red Steel thingie in Paris, but I couldn't come [​IMG]