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    Apr 11, 2020
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    I am Trying to play Back to the Future on my Nintendo Wii U from a disk. Straight from the home menu, not using Homebrew of any kind. Though it might be worth mentioning I have Homebrew on my system, just not using it for this purpose. I put the disc in my Wii U, the thing on the Wii menu shows up (Like the preview thing or whatever that's on the home menu) I click play, and my system crashes. Black screen, Wiimote not connecting, the whole kit and kabootle. I'm lost on this, I have no idea why this perfectly fine disc isn't working. (The ebay listing said it worked, and the Wii menu recognized it and showed the preview thing) So if anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.
    Edit: So I looked on the game label and it says: "Unauthorized technical modifications to your wii console may render this game unplayable. A system menu update may be required to play this game. Knowing this, I deleted my Wiiflow and Homebrew data, as well as my homebrew channel, off of my Wii. I also unplugged my flashdrive and sd card from the system. These are all the things I could find that register as "Technical modifications" Anything else I should change? Please I really want to play this game any info would be helpful.
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