My Unprofessional Review for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review
    Note: This my my personal view from the game and what I thought of it.

    Skyward Sword got a lot of high reviews by lots of people but I can understand, their hype for the game made it seem like it derserved a 10/10 but even though I'm a hardcore Zelda fan, I don't think it's the case with this game. I'm not going to touch on the graphics as they are as good as they can get on a Wii system.

    Gameplay: The gameplay for Skyward Sword works well and does what it's suppose to. The weapons that use WM+ use it really well but does have issues of the pointer going more left or more right some times, maybe that's just my experince. The enemies react to your movement but sometimes it feels like the game will purposely make you swing at the oppisite direction you swag your sword. Playing the Harp was also a big disappointment, you don't even play it, you just strum it back and forth.
    • +Sword gameplay works well
    • +Item use is great with WM+
    • +Loftwing flying is awesome with WM+
    • +Fights are great, except for eletric fights, they are annoying.
    • -No fights on the Loftwing but once
    • -Pointer goes somewhere else few times
    • -Feels like it swings at different direction
    • -Really repetitive when it comes to going to dungeon, seeing the same areas
    • -Playing the Harp is big disappointment.
    Game's Animations: The game's animations are amazing. They are really are the best animations from a Zelda game yet. The cutsenses blind you with awesomeness when you watch them. There are few issues of the game reusing animations for Fi and sometimes Link in the Fi animations, I would like to see her do other dances besides the 2 you see.
    • +Animations are best in a Zelda game yet
    • -Some animations are reused couple of times.
    Music: The music in Skyward Sword is not the most memorable. There are a lot of music that is really good but nothing that will get stuck in your head like past Zelda games. I've only had like 3 songs stuck in my head from the game and that's the song they used for all their trailers, Woods music and the final boss.
    • +Lots of good music
    • -Not that memorable
    Other: (SPOILERS DEAD AHEAD) The game is awesome, worthy of best Wii title out to date and worth the pick up. I've just had little problems here and there, mostly with eletric enemies, they are quite annoying when there a lot in one place. There was also little disappoint of seeing the same area few times, I wanted to feel refreshed seeing maybe a different dungeon like a shawdow of some sort(Triforce Temple was refreshing).

    The final boss battle also felt like it was too late. They showed you a badass enemy that you would get to have a fight you will always remember but it doesn't bring it to the table. You have just do the same thing to defeat him till he gets his sword eletric and then you just change your strategy a bit.

    • Gameplay: 9/10
    • Game Animation: 9.9/10
    • Music: 8/10
    Final: 9/10
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