my touch pad not working

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    Nov 9, 2016
    finally i`try to install windows 8.1 only for 1 months before back to win 7. but now, yhe touch pad not working. i try to update the driver and download the driver software but still not working. and i see in device manager i think windows cannot detect my touch pad. because in win 7 my touch pad is working properly.
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    That would be rare. Not having all the fancy double touch, crazy configurable scroll sections and the like would be normally what happens when drivers are not there -- the basic thing should present as a mouse or similar to be able to work regardless.

    Assuming you have not taken it apart (they often have easy to damage ribbons) my first step would be look along the top of the keyboard and all the keys that allow you to change volume, brightness, turn wifi on and off, force a new screen mode... that you activate with the fn key somewhere on the laptop. In many modern laptops, and some older ones but it was rare, there is a button to disable the track pad. Try to find this, if I had a model number I could look at a picture of it and see but I don't so that is not happening in this post.
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