My taste in Music?

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    I only like listening to music without english lyrics. Mostly videogame music, and some vocaloid. That doesn't mean I like all videogame music, though I do like a good range, from chiptune to orchestrated, its more so the melody. There is one exception, is that I like some songs with lyrics from the sonic games, like the adventure titles. My question is, if anyone has a similar taste in music, as I have met people that like video game soundtracks, but they still primarily listen to bands.
    This is also not a thread to judge on taste in music, i dont care if people [dis]like a certain kind, it's about liking what you like.
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    I like certain genres and bands of rock, like the black crowes, Pink Floyd, and mutemath :)
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    There is truly only one great Hard Rock band..... "Skillet."

    Here, let me give you a few of my favorite Rock Covers:

    That's just a handful of my favorite songs. But I mainly listen to Hard Rock and some Metal. To be honest, I hate Rap; that's just my opinion.