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Jan 3, 2008
From Where???
Not really an introduction... I have been working on my staff WIKI page. it basically talks about how i got here and how i got on staff. It is pretty much the only personal information I have shared anywhere on GBATemp. I'm about done with it, maybe some minor tweaking or updates in the future. I figured that if anyone would want to know more about my GBATemp history that they probably wouldn't consider looking for my personal WIKI article. so here is a link:

if you read it would you be so kind as to "sign" the discussion page?

  • Log in to the WIKI with your WIKI username and password
  • At the top of my WIKI article click on "Discussion"
  • Click the EDIT button on the "Discussion" page
  • Sign your username by typing ~~~~ and then clicking "Save Page"

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  • RichardTheKing @ RichardTheKing:
    I played LoZ: Oracle of Ages and Seasons not too long ago; does that count?
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    I don't see why anyone on gbatemp would like gba games
  • KimKong @ KimKong:
    Want to test out my GBColor game?
  • Costello @ Costello:
    creating a game boy homebrew at this day and age sounds incredible. Props to you!
  • CPG @ CPG:
  • RichardTheKing @ RichardTheKing:
    What key is "Select" hooked to?
  • RichardTheKing @ RichardTheKing:
    Or, y'know, B?
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    lol I see no blue mods on the staff page guessing it's getting updated
  • tsao @ tsao:
    did they remove the option for custom profile banner for non-patrons or am i being too stupid to find it?
  • KimKong @ KimKong:
    Oh sorry, I should write up some key explanations
  • KimKong @ KimKong:
    Select is "HIFT"
  • KimKong @ KimKong:
    Start is "ENTER"
  • KimKong @ KimKong:
    B is "Z"
    A is "X"
  • KimKong @ KimKong:
    Thanks for the props @Costello
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    I think theirs a section in the forum for gba home few games could share it their
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    Oh looks like you have already
  • KimKong @ KimKong:
    Yup! Now that I think about - I'm n
    ot sure if it's in the right section tho...?
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    Eh they'll just tell you or move it no biggie
  • banjo2 @ banjo2:
    @CPG SO true
  • Costello @ Costello:
    @kenenthk : there are no longer blue mods. They're all global mods now :)
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    Can't always know where to park
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    @ Costello thinking of adding a new generation I noticed most are green
  • Xzi @ Xzi:
    Well-executed concept in your game, @KimKong . Music's pretty great too!
    Xzi @ Xzi: Well-executed concept in your game, @KimKong . Music's pretty great too!