My simple workflow for installing CFW on a O/N3DS (with FW10.3)

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    Apr 8, 2015
    All homebrews or tools mentioned below can be found in this forum.

    1. Prepare a SD card for the Homebrew Launcher and MenuHax.
    2. Install MenuHax because it has a good compatibility. Now you can launch homebrews you need.
    3. Any console between 9.3 ~ 10.3 should be downgrade using SafeSysUpdater.
    4. Use Decrypt9 to backup SysNAND. Copy all the SD card files to PC.
    5. Use EmuNAND9 to format a SD card with EmuNAND. Copy all the files back to SD card.
    6. Use CakesCFW to launch EmuNAND. Configure it to apply all the patches. If success, format SysNAND to unlink with EmuNAND.
    7. Use System Settings in **EmuNAND** to update 10.6 (for now lastest fw).
    8. Use Decrypt9 and Universal Inject Generator to inject FBI and install any CIAs.
    9. Use BootCtr and Lesshax to a cleaner and faster boot.
    10. Use BootNTR or Free Multi Patcher to play games out of region.

    p.s. If there were a error 022-2634 when launching eShop, follow this guide.

    I get no 3D problem on cold boot.
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