My Sd Is Ruined :[[

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    May 13, 2007
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    i Think d/p ruined my r4ds bcuz i used the cheat to have shiny pokemon every where and it said use this cheat without any other ones so i did and when i started the game the screen was white so i tried restarting it but it didnt work so i turned it off i turned it back on and it said sd/tf card error........ can any1 help mee and no reformating wont work bcuz when i plugged it in and clicked on the removable disk drive it said please insert hard drive and it was in so yeah......... do i just get a new sd thenn thanx for helping :]]
  2. arctic_flame

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    Wow... a 4-line sentance.

    Try chkdsk /F X:

    Where X: is the drive letter of your SD.

    But somehow I doubt you have the capacity to do that...
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    This has no relation to emulation whatsoever.
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    Did anyone else get a headache reading that?
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    This guy's advice is good, but just in case you don't know how to run that command
    1) Click 'Start'
    2) Click 'Run'
    3) Type 'cmd'
    4) In the window that comes up type 'chkdsk X: /f' where X is the drive letter of your card, copy and paste will not work in this command window (methinks)
    5) Press enter

    If the card doesn't have a drive letter (it doesn't even show up in 'My Computer' then there's nothing more I can recommend

    - Sam