My R4 Dualcore/Acekard Themes

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by Coolperez8, Jun 27, 2013.

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    Here are some links to my R4 and Acekard themes:

    Also feel free to post your own! :lol:

    Yes, in some themes, the Picture is of my female black "toy" poodle Yipyap, born July 18 2006

    I Might Make them in My Spare Time

    Windows Vista: (Link not dead, but has a glitchy start text) (Unknown time, but I believe it was made on 6/27/2013) Fixed Link:

    Windows 7: Work In Progress Done: (Note: This theme was finished at 11:41 AM, one hour after the picture was taken for the theme. The date is correct.) Started Fixing at 12:40 PM and fixed at 12:46 PM (All on 6/27/2013) Fixed Link:

    Mac OS X (Contains 2 Themes): (made at 12:56 PM)

    Nukesta (Theme started at 3:25 PM, made at 3:31 PM):

    Argh Four and Acekardz (Argh Four Theme started 3:55 PM theme made 4:00 PM and Acekard theme started 4:01 PM theme made 4:02 PM):

    Ubuntu (Ubuntu Theme started at 7:05 PM: Finished at 7:05 PM):

    Dark & Light R4 Theme (Contains 2 Themes, obviously):

    GoldenKard (Looks Really... Stunning?):

    Windows eXPerience (Planning on Alternate Version):
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    I made my own R4/Acekard Pokemon theme:

    I used the Zelda theme as a base for my skin. I used simple colors and basic looking buttons to keep the spirit of "Pokemon simplicity" alive. I've worked on this theme for personal use off and on for about 2 months, and my friends keep bugging me to release it. So I make a few color tweaks, and fixed the DS username placement (it was 2 pixels off from where it should have been). This will be my only release, so feel free to try it out, and modify it to your liking. :)