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    I saw there's another thread with "PSVR impressions" but it looks like a more general "will it survive or be lost in time" kind of thread, I intend to talk about each games so I'm making a separated thread.

    First impression: Some games are very good, other games not as much.
    Overall, I like it and the games I liked are not always the one I expected!

    You can skip to the game section if you want !

    Now about the details!

    The hardware

    It's easy to connect and the 5 cables all have a proper length. not too short, long enough to my needs.
    The VR cable is about 1m long (3.2f), and there's an extension cable which connects from the VR CPU to the helmet which is 3m long (10f).
    When the VR is on your head, the cable is sometime annoying, you have to find a proper position to forget it. I thought putting it behind me was a good idea, but it's not. I found it best positioned in front of me.

    I'm wearing glasses, and they are a little stuck and pressing on your face. You can move the screen distance away from your eyes, but you don't see the entire screen anymore if you do. Having the screen too far away from your eyes deform the screen at the side, so you'd want to keep if as near as your face as possible.
    The edge of the screen is blurry, maybe because of the glasses I'm wearing and not being able to put the screen even nearer. But it's good enough and not annoying in games, you notice the screen-edge blurriness only on 2D mode (when you are on the console's menu, etc.) because when you are in 3D you usually turn your head to look in front of you, you don't look not on the screen edges.

    I tried to put a headphone on top of the PSVR, but it didn't fit! the PSVR is taking too much place.
    I tried to put the headphone first, but then I couldn't put the PSVR on my head. Finally, I'm playing with earphone (intro-auriculaire). The one provided by Sony are not very good so I'm using my own.

    The software

    While in VR mode, the TV often change its resolution to a very small/bad one.
    It's not noticeable while in game, but if you open a menu while playing (press Home button) the displayed area is smaller and very blurry on TV, with LOT of ghost effects. Probably a bad HDMI cable, or just bad screen resolution management.
    It doesn't bother you if you wear the PSVR but it might be for users not playing with the VR until you return to the game.

    There are options to choose the projected screen size when in 2D mode.
    Small : the screen is always in front of your eyes. it's a little small and hard to read text.
    medium : you can "look around" the screen freely, it's easier to read the text and have a good zoom/position ration, you don't notice the black background around it.
    Large : the screen is very big, like if you sit in front of the screen in Cinema. you have to move your head around to see every part of the screen. Could be nice for watching movie, I guess. maybe a little too big.

    There's also an option to calibrate your eye's distance.
    It's used to change the depth perception in games, like the 3D slider of the Nintendo 3DS.
    The problem here is that it's not freely editable, there's no slider <-> result, and picking your preferred value. Instead it's picking a picture of your face with the camera and automatically calculating the proper value based on your data.

    I didn't try to change it, default value was fine enough and I suppose if I changed it other people would have to re-calibrate. default is fine.

    Position Tracking

    You will need enough space around you to play, as you will often "look around, up, down, behind, etc., and you will also move your arms and your controllers around you. if you are not far enough from the TV/camera it will not see you. minimum distance is around 1m (3.2f).
    The camera can track you without issue, even if you are not in front of it. At game start, it asks you to put yourself inside the center frame [ ], but if you are not it still work fine.

    The position tracking from the hardware is good, but some games are doing it badly. So, I suppose the tracking capability will be part of game reviews.

    You can recenter the screen and position displayed in the PSVR by holding the Option button. It doesn't work in all menus.
    Doing this is useful and even important! Sometime you will find yourself too near or too far from the expected position if you moved to/from the camera. Re-centering the player position in the 3D space is therefore needed or you'll be at the incorrect position in the game. For example in the read seat in a car, etc.

    The Games

    The interesting part !
    I'll try to take some screenshot later to add visual to this long post.
    it will be easier to read and see what the game looks like.

    I didn't buy any games yet.
    So I'll just give my impressions with the demo and free available softwares compatible with PSVR.

    There are 3 big categories
    • Games
    • Movies (360° movies)
    • Applications


    Games I tested:
    - PSVR demo disc
    - Playroom VR
    - Gunjack
    - VEV
    - Tomb Raider (the manor)

    PSVR Demo Disc

    If you bought the European PSVR, don't bother installing and playing the games from the European demo disc! There are only 8.
    There is an update available for the demo disc (v1.0.3) but it doesn't include the new games. The update enables online gaming and score sharing. I didn't find how it works yet.

    Instead, go to PSN and download the full version of PSVR Demo with ALL the games! even the one USA got on disc :D
    No need to have both version installed. The Demo disc is 32GB and digital version is 34GB. go for the digital right away.

    Games on EUR disc:
    - VR Worlds (another multi-game : contains 2 playable games in this demo)
    - Battle Zone
    - Headmaster
    - Eve Valkyrie
    - Rigs
    - Driveclub VR
    - Thumble VR
    - Wayward Sky

    Additional games on EUR PSN version:
    - Job Simulator
    - Harmonix Music VR
    - Thumper
    - Until dawn - Rush of blood
    - Allumette
    - Here they lie
    - Rez infinity

    I think USA demo disc version has even more games.

    • Position Tracking: game dependent.
    • Impression for the PSVR Demo : VERY LONG LOADING TIIIIIIIIME ... and it resets after every game you play, so it's VERY frustrating that you have to reload it to test another game.

    VR Worlds
    VR World : Ocean and Heist

    Battle Zone
    Battle Zone


    Eve Valkyrie
    Eve Valkyrie


    Driveclub VR
    Driveclub VR

    Thumble VR
    Thumble VR

    Wayward Sky
    Wayward Sky

    :!: From here, this is only the games available from the PSN version of the PSVR demo game.

    Job Simulator
    Job simulator

    Harmonix Music VR


    Until dawn - Rush of blood
    Until Dawn


    Here they lie
    Here they lie

    Rez infinity

    :!: And this game concludes the PSVR Demo.

    It was nice to try different games and see which one will interest you.

    I liked:
    VRWorld. the demo'd games doesn't show a lot but they were nice.
    Battle zone
    Until dawn

    The Playroom VR
    Playroom VR



    Tomb Raider 2 (The manor chapter)
    Tomb Raider 20th anniversary

    This is Resident Evil 7 demo for PSVR.
    USA version of PSVR Demo contains this game. You can download it independently if you got the EUR version.

    Not tested yet.

    Super Hyper cube demo
    Not tested yet.

    360° Movies


    I think there's only one for the moment.

    LittL Star Cinema

    PS4 Media player
    media player

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