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    Sep 16, 2018
    I have been working on a homebrew game for a while and a week or two ago finally got around to test it on real hardware and went through the troubles of setting up PSPLink in a docker container. It was not easy but also not extremely difficult and it saves me about 90 seconds to test a new build! Just a "reset" command and run the prx again...helped me trace and fix a lot of bugs already. :D

    The only downside was that after using PSPLink for a few days with the PSP connected to USB all the time....the battery seems to be completely dead! It's not an original Sony anymore as that one had the swelling issue years ago so I replaced it with a third party one. Worked great for a bout two years of very minimal usage...until I left it at the USB connection a few days. I just got in two replacement batteries to make sure my PSP was not broken and initially they worked fine....until I again connected to USB! So now I have two dead batteries!:sad::(

    I have read somewhere that the cheap clones die after a voltage spike or something, even during some games it seems to happen. (forgot to save those links) Might that be the issues that breaks the batteries? I also read that it requires the little battery controller to be reset...but I am not looking forward to pry open that completely sealed battery case and risk damaging the cell inside....and create a fire hazard! The first one that died I tested with a multimeter and it showed a normal voltage but I will measure all three later again.

    The voltage spike is plausible since my game crashes and might result in 100% CPU usage or something that makes it draw way to much power. Anyone know about issues like this and a possible solution?
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