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    Mar 24, 2015
    Underground, in my mother's basement.
    Feel free to criticize, I'm not posting them in the art section because nobody lives there.


    Through depths of

    sadness and depression

    comes new light

    forming new hopes

    creating new dreams

    The light is pure

    cleansing your soul

    from the sadness

    that once controlled you

    making decisions that

    now you will never make

    Go on, sweet child,

    Go and find your calling

    Your Destiny


    Fishing Trip

    In the early morning we all awake,

    and head down to the shimmering lake.

    The birds were chirping all around

    and the sun is emerging from the ground.

    We step into the boat and race across

    the tranquil waters of lake Malross.

    We looked around for our special spot,

    then we slowed down “The motor’s shot!”

    So here we were, stuck out here

    with nothing to drink but my father’s beer.

    We waited and waited for much too long,

    listening to the bird’s beautiful song.

    But their song was interrupted by a sound

    that was getting louder by leaps and bounds

    “A boat!” my dad squealed with glee.

    By the time we were rescued it was quarter to three.
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