My personal review of Acekard2i vs Supercard DSTWO

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    So I just want to write about my experience with both the Acekard2i and the Supercard DSTWO to help people make the decision of, "which one should I get??" Please note I'm doing the tests on a 3DS with the latest 3.0 firmware (which I updated AFTER I updated the flash carts of course!!)

    Acekard w/AKAIO 1.8.9:
    First off when I tried to update the card to the latest firmware, it would not work until I used AKAIO 1.8.8. No clue why but after I updated I put 1.8.9 back on and it's working fine. I believe the interface is MUCH better than the DSTWO. Hundreds of great user made skins are out there and it's actually pretty easy to make your own. I made my own Star Fox one in about an hour with the skin editor from the Acekard website and an image editor. Navigation is easy and there are a lot more settings than the DSTWO to tweak. WIFI updating is nice too. Cheats are easy to download and use, without the need to program them yourself. No issue with any games, but my soft reset does not work properly. It resets, but then when I back back to the main Acekard screen, none of my files or folders show up! Can anyone shed some light on this??????

    I greatly dislike the interface. It's not as intuitive as the acekard. The extra features that make the DSTWO more expensive are OK. If you're a big GBA fan it is nice being able to play GBA roms which worked fine for me. The built in SNES emulator didn't work well for me. I tried a few games and some like Star Fox would run at about 4 frames per second at best. The built in media player and image/text file reader are fine, but honestly moonshell is better which can run on all carts. One feature that is really really awesome is the real time saving. It allows you to very quickly resume playing where you left off without having to go through the main menus of a game. Very very slick. The slow motion feature is also OK. Makes it run choppy and the sound get's all goofy, but it does indeed slow the games down. Cheats you have to enter yourself or download manually on your computer and put on your SD card. Also a nice feature about the DSTWO is you can turn cheats on and off while in game.

    TLDR: Acekard is a great card for the price. The features that make the DSTWO worth it are the in place saving, and quick access to cheats while playing, and the GBA emulator if you're a fan. Get an Acekard if you don't mind not having those features and having a nice customizable interface. Get a DSTWO if you want those features and want an ugly interface. Please let me know if I said anything wrong!

    EDIT: As said by mysticwaterfall, CATSFC is a better SNES emulator. Also there are user made skins for the DSTWO, but the collection is not as large, and the skin editor is not as simple or clear as the Acekard one. As for build quality, both are pretty good but I have to give it to the DSTWO. I had an original Acekard a long time ago, and their build quality has greatly improved.

    EDIT again: So I think SNEmulDS it actually the best SNES emulator I've found yet. Games run the smoothest, and while it's not an official DSTWO plugin, you can make .NDS file run as a plug in. So I'd go with SNEmulDS!
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    Overall I would agree with this review except for the fact that if you mention akaio you should mention bag plug/ imenu on the DS2 side, they make the interface a lot better. You should also mention catsfc as being better then the stock snes emu. Granted, star fox won't run good on anything DS wise being a chip game.
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    Your opinion of the Acekard will change the day you have to start wedging paper in the card slot to keep it working.
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